Individuals The digital admin for private investments

Arch is your tool for managing your private investments. Arch manages taxes, capital calls, distributions, account balances, and other investing workflows. The Arch platform is designed to automate operational investment tasks, saving time and cost while delivering better organization and insights.

Reduce administrative workload, allowing you to spend more time on the work and activities you enjoy.

Manage liquidity with a digital balance sheet of assets and liabilities for private investments.

Arch updates your account with every account statement, giving you an up to date view of your capital account and unfunded commitments.

Manage key tasks

Automated alerts, tasks management, and reminders to ensure you remain organized, compliant, and aware of all potential opportunities.

Receive all of your investment communications in a single platform, ensuring you never miss an update or action.

See capital inflows and outflows for all private investments.

Arch tracks every capital call and distribution, providing a ledger and view of all inflows and outflows on your account.

Emails and portals, all in one place

Arch collects all documents and communications on a single platform, allowing you to have one place to find all of the information you need, without having to access other portals.

With Arch, I spend 35% less time managing my investments.

Lee L.


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